Suzanne Nicholl

Contemporary Artist


New Work - Expressions

Emotive pieces based on my connection to places, times and experiences in the landscape that inspire me.  

Above the Sea's Unrest.jpg

The Highlands Collection

Bold, colourful recollections of wild, unspoilt coastlines and ancient landscapes.
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Small Paintings

I have named this collection Escapes for the simple reason that to paint them is complete escapism. They are abstracted experiences of all the wild, open and beautiful landscapes I know and love.

One Hour of Sunshine
One Hour of Sunshine

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White Clouds on the Wing
White Clouds on the Wing

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West Wind & Daffodils
West Wind & Daffodils

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One Hour of Sunshine
One Hour of Sunshine

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Hailing from Wales and living in Worcestershire I am inspired by our tangled hedgerows, rolling hills and breathtaking coastlines. My work features the natural and human influences upon our magnificent landscapes.

I develop many of my pieces from plein air sketches, aiming to encapsulate the time and place in layers of colour, texture and mark making. My work is a personal expression of the landscape, its energy and my connection to it.

I am always creating new pieces so if you'd like to view my current work as it progresses you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook

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"Art is a line around our thoughts"
Gustav Klimt