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Paint Your Way Workshops


Join me and discover the joy of expressive painting

Paint Your Way


Great to try different techniques and ‘free’ myself up for future work - NW 23

There is a reason I named my workshops  'Paint Your Way'. It's because I didn't know I was breaking 'artist rules' before I broke them! It meant that I learnt from others, explored and experimented, a lot! and found my own style.

In my workshops I will share with you my learning and resources to will help you further develop your own, uniquely creative style. 

It takes time and practice to paint in 'our way', but my workshops will give you the opportunity to explore a raft of tools and techniques, to equip you to create paintings that you love and will proudly hang on your walls! 

For me, creating expressive landscape paintings involves clear stages of exploration, experimentation and refinement. Don't get me wrong, it's rarely a direct line from inspiration to completion, the creative path is almost always a winding one!

However the process of abstraction relies as much on the early stages of exploration in for example, mark making, colour mixing and creating texture, as it does on the later stages of layering, composition and finishing.

It is for this reason that I have developed two distinct workshops, which follow on from each other but can also be taken individually. 

Workshop 1

The Foundation of Exploring Expressive Abstraction - the Early Stages


This workshop covers the foundation stages involved in creating expressive and abstract landscapes.

Experimenting with expressive techniques the workshop will include how to:

    •    Delve into your inspiring landscapes & create a loose intention

    •    Work with acrylics & explore a range of art materials

    •    Discover straightforward colour mixing

    •    Develop expressive mark making with a range of tools

    •    Create interesting textures 

    •    Simplify the concept of composition

    •    Use effective editing tools

    •    Move your work forwards

Workshop 2

Moving your work on into abstraction - from Sketches to Completion


In this workshop we build on what we covered in Workshop 1, taking inspiration from our exploratory sketches, as well as memories of our chosen landscapes.  

We will be creating a series of 4-6 paintings, using acrylic paint and mixed media. 


The workshop will include how to:

    •    Prepare and activate your surface

    •    Layer mixed media, textures & colour to create interest to match your intention

    •    Use the process of iteration to develop the series of work

    •    Use compositional tools & guides to help direct your work

    •    Professionally finish your work

    •    Identify your next steps

Super day! Loved the speed of activity and how much has been produced by the end of the day - LA 23

Dates for Spring 2024


10th February -   Workshop 1: Exploring Expressive Abstraction - FULL

11th February -    Workshop 2: Developing Abstraction - FULL

2nd March -         Workshop 1: Exploring Expressive Abstraction 1 place left! 

3rd March -         Workshop 2: Developing Abstraction - FULL


All workshops run 10.00 - 4.30

If you can, come along 10 mins early to grab a tea or coffee, and get settled in.



All the workshops take place in beautiful Broome Village Hall, Broome, Clent, Stourbridge Worcestershire, DY9 0HA



Map - x marks the spot!


What to bring with you.....

All the materials are provided, however to get the most out of your workshop please bring along the items detailed below. 

Workshop 1: Exploring Expressive Abstraction

Please bring along 5-10 images, photocopies or sketches of landscapes you are drawn to and inspired by. 


Workshop2: Developing Abstraction 

Please bring along the work you completed in Workshop 1 and/or any other landscape sketches you've created. 

If you've any queries, just let me know!

It's best to wear messy clothes and an apron if you wish. 

Broome is a beautiful little hamlet with no shops and sadly no pub, so don't forget to bring along a packed lunch - there is a fridge available if you need one. 

I'll bring along tea, coffee and something yummy to keep us going through what will be a busy and exciting day!


I keep the group size small so that everyone has sufficient space and time to get the most out of the day.

Last year the workshops booked up wonderfully quickly so if you would like to join me, confirm your booking below by stating what workshop and date you'd like to attend.


I will then send you the payment details to secure your place. 

Each workshop costs £80 pp.

Should you need to cancel your booking within 4 weeks of the workshop and I am unable to fill your place, I'm afraid I cannot give you a refund. Prior to 4 weeks or if someone steps into your spot however, you'll receive 100% of the course fee.

If you have any queries please get in touch.

I hope you'll be able to join me and the other art loving folk, in what will be an inspiring and creative day. 

It might just kick start your art practice, take you to new creative places and will most certainly get you seeing the world differently!

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