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These stormy seascapes revisit places and memories of the Welsh coast.

I never checked the weather forecast growing up in Pembrokeshire . My Grandmother would say ‘it stops at Swansea’, irrelevant further west where weather suits itself.

Besides you can see the rain as it strides up the estuary, crosshatching the sky and shading the sea.

On occasion the sun gets caught between and the sea glows where the rain lands.

‘Get the clothes off the line!’ was the familiar cry as a kid when rain appeared 2 mins away. Fair warning for the vigilant!

But way out at sea, no such portent. The deep green and bubbling white waves jostle and spill. Then drive to the shore with an excitable roar and rumble beneath my feet.

Pebbles applaud as the waves retreat, and for the shortest moment, the sea holds her breath. A whisper of peace.

But my best days are when the winds carry our words off before they’re heard.

Nature unharnessed and in command.

White horses rampage forward and dredge the shore of sand. Vertical rain joins forces from above and the distant sky blends with the sea, the horizon lost. Thoughts lost.

My StormScapes will be on my website from July 2024 and available to view at my Worcestershire Studio. Contact me to book a visit.

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