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Welcome to my Studio

This is my creative space where I get to explore and experiment with all different media, pull out my sketches and surround myself with found objects and reminders of my time in the landscapes I love. 

I have worktables a plenty, laden with materials and a large painting wall where I can paint standing up to get the whole gestural, arm swing thing going and work on a several pieces at a time. 

I often welcome visitors to my studio and hold intimate, bespoke workshops for new and developing painters.

If you're interested in visiting or are considering developing your art skills further just drop me a line.

My Studio Life

Like so many artists I love sharing my practice and learning more about how others work - maybe its my curious nature, or you could just call me nosey! Open Studios for example is as much about looking at the artist's studio space as it is their art. Chatting to the artist and finding out new recommendations for art supplies, books or exhibitions is all part of the valuable networking experience.

Social media is another way we all share our interests and learn. I show up on a number of platforms. Pinterest provides a pinboard for ideas and projects to gain inspiration and return to. Facebook is a great way to connect with individuals and groups in particular, although it does make my head hurt tbh! Then there's instagram (sorry Twitter - you don't bring out the best in me!)

Instagram is a great way of sharing what goes on day to day in my artist life. The inspiration, the practice and techniques, as well as the outcomes - good, and not so good!

You can see my Instagram grid below, and to follow me click here!

Come say hi!

Here the Spirit Soars.jpg

After weeks, or sometimes months in the making, the work is complete, then it's up to you.............

'The artist performs only one part of the creative process. The onlooker completes it, and it is the onlooker who has the last word."

Marcel Duchamp

Expressive Paintings

Available Paintings 

Click on the following collections to view my available work.

If you don't see anything that connects with you at this time, please don't hesitate to contact me. I have a number of pieces in galleries or in my studio, that are not on my website yet.

Any queries you have about about buying my art can be answered by looking at the FAQ in the menu. However, if you have any questions just get in touch.

For more studio insights, head on over to my 

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