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Wish we weren’t here!

Postcards from Lockdown

Postcards can conjure sentiment, fun-filled travel and happy reminiscence, but in 2020 our lives changed. With the Covid 19 lockdown our movements were restricted and our need to connect was greater than ever. These collages responded to postcard messages from people in lockdown. They speak of the joy of family; the sadness at being parted; anger at the betrayal of our leaders; and the fragility of life.

Collage binds our history and experiences in its layers, some visible, others buried. It evokes

rich and varied meaning for the maker and viewer alike. Gathered together as if in an old forgotten drawer, these images are bound by a narrative into an unorderly reflection of a

place in time.

“A picture is a poem without words” – Horace

Each collage is 25.5x30.5cm on canvas board.

£70GBP unframed

Hover/tap on the image for title and a close up.

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