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My Artist Diary - May Madness!

At the end of April I had a great trip to the Cheltenham Fresh - art fair. It was glorious meeting new artists and seeing so many different ways to create a landscape! Looking at other's art helps me understand further what elements of a painting I'm really drawn to. And I was surprisingly inspired by some amazing florals - must be the Spring air!

I'm still working through the list of artists I noted, which will take some time as each results in one or more 'rabbit holes'. However, the one that stands out so far for me, is botanical artist, Rosie Sanders.

Her book of Roses is stunning and this film left me in awe of her talent.

At the beginning of May I was fortunate to visit the glorious exhibition 'Action Gesture Paint' at the Whitechapel Gallery, London and witness the work of the over looked women who in many instances led the abstract expressionist movement, but are only now getting the recognition.

Who knew that Janet Sobel was the inspiration behind Jackson Pollock's drip paintings? It couldn't possibly be the case that Jackson Pollock ripped her off could it? 🤨

Check out these links for more info on the exhibition and my Pinterest board for further insight into some of the fabulous artists that were exhibited.

May was graced with an abundance of bank holidays and a King's coronation. Oh, and my acceptance to the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists for my painting 'These Early Hours', which was all very exciting! The Summer exhibition is on until the 22.7.23 if you fancy a visual feast!

I also welcomed several guests for studio visits within the month and was thrilled when old friends and new loved a painting enough to leave with it under their arm.

Mid month, I ran a Paint Your Way workshop with a wonderful group of artists. We drew on our inspiration, explored a range of mediums to mark making and abstract our landscapes and created beautiful concertina books and abstracted gems.

On the 12th of May my inbox went crackers following the release of a video I had put together for an online art community called Art tribe, which I've been a member of for three years. I've met so many fabulous people as a result and I'm still replying to their lovely comments. You can find my Art Tribe-Studio Notes video here.

You can checkout Louise Fletcher in her YouTube Channel or her website. She is an inspirational and generous tutor who's a great support for emerging and returning artists. She runs an annual course, preceded by a 7 days free taster - both of which I'd highly recommend. If you want to know any more about being a member of this community, or Louise's course give just drop me a line.

If you live in or near Worcestershire, then you're lucky enough to have Bevere Gallery within easy reach. Art, artists and cake!! The resident artists, Susan, Dan, Jen, Richard and Jane are great to visit and put on a wonderful show in Cheltenham in May.

From cake and art to popcorn and art! 'Vermeer' was a smash in the art cinema circle - so good I saw it twice. Ok I may have drifted off a little in the first one, and the second if I'm completely honest!! However it was amazing and I'd recommend checking out the other showings here.

Vermeer followed an exciting trip to Jackson's art store in Gloucester for some pre-birthday art supply treats. They're always so helpful and obviously I came out with a car full of things that I probably could have lived without. However, if you do visit I'd recommend you try something, you've not tried before, from the bargain section. You never know where it may lead you! I've got some printing ink to try out at some point as well as some soft pastels.

I was lucky enough to participate in two local charity events this month, one of which was in aid of Primrose Hospice Bromsgrove in the glorious sunshine, next to a very flatulent horse!! It was a lovely day painting in the sun, but I didn't come as prepared as I might have and next time I'll defo have more pieces for sale and table for displaying them!

They have their summer fair coming up on July 1st and here's what else is going on if you'd like to support them. They were partnered with the Creative Art Showcase who have a series of arts events throughout the year.

Post birthday I had a fabulous whistlestop tour of Lisbon with two dear friends and was so inspired by the colours and the combination of graffiti, grunge and glorious tiled facades. You can see these coming out of my work on my Instagram posts here. I am loving the combination of geometric tiles and grungy graffiti. I'm not sure where they will lead at the moment but it's certainly a line of enquiry.

I finished off the month with the North Worcestershire Collective and a delightful afternoon of tea and cake whilst we celebrated birthdays and discussed our upcoming exhibitions at Artery, Worcester in October 27-1 and Blackwell 25 & 26 November, so dates for the diary.

And of course there was lots of chatter about the upcoming Worcestershire Open Studios at the end of end of August.

So that's my roundup for May, full of fabulous creative fodder, if not many studio hours. Keeping the creativity flowing in the busy summer months can be a challenge for me.

Read how I plan on keeping my hand in when my studio hours are limited.

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