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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

💕 Celebrating Valentines Day 💕

14 Art Ways to Show Your Art Lover You Care

Whether it's a friend, partner or Great Aunt Mary, Valentine's Day is a great excuse to enjoy some time together.  If they are an artist or art lover, there's bound to be a few things here that you can both enjoy

Fill a small basket or box with a few art supplies in pinks or reds. Or thier favourite colour

Purchase an online course to help them pursue a dream, or some gift vouchers to put towards one

Give them a book of their favourite art/artist, or a novel about the art world

Get them a personalised mug or phone cover, featuring their artwork or their favourite artist

Buy them an art or hobby supply they wouldn't buy for themselves - for example a desk light for close up work, a work apron or a laptop stand

Get them some business cards made up - showing your support for their creative business

Get them something related to their favourite painting - for example if they love Van Gogh some sunflower seeds.  Maybe a trip to the place that's featured, or somewhere like it.  a piece of clothing or something in the main colour of that painting. Include a postcard of the art piece so they know how thoughtful you've been  

Take a trip to a local art exhibition or  plan to go a little further a field

Make up a picnic and head off to a pretty spot for some sketching, or just to be out in the fresh air. Even if the weather isn't fair, nothing beats a car picnic

Give them a home made voucher which gives them the gift of time - some babysitting, lawn-mowing etc to free them up be creative

Plan an evening to watch an art programme they've been waiting to see - along with bottle of wine maybe?

Make dinner one night so they can sit and read an art book, or any book

Offer to sit as a model for sketching

Send them a postcard  of their favourite art or artist every week  

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